We take pride in the diverse range of projects we undertake and the impact they have on our clients' businesses. Here are a few examples of recent projects that showcase our expertise and innovation:

Recent projects

Kuwama Xpress

Kuwama is a stress-free management app used at your fingertips with integrated payments and appointment tracking. Personalized reminders, follow-ups, and other tools are also included to help you grow your salon's or beauty business client base using an app.



Likuhu cloud-software gives you the ability to access the system from anywhere at any time increases productivity and efficiency with your poultry. With real-time information on the flock's status, farmers and farm managers can make informed decisions

DoneDeal POS

The ultimate solution for businesses ready to revolutionize their operations and elevate customer experiences! Our POS system seamlessly combines powerful features with intuitive design to empower your business like never before.

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